Commission Disclosure: How we get paid for the services we provide you

For the services we provide to you, we receive a percentage of your insurance premium, as a commission, paid to us by your Insurance Company. Below, we have listed the Property & Casualty Insurance Companies with whom we have contracts. For a printed copy of this information, feel free to call us. This commission percentage is paid to us, each policy term, for both new policies and renewals.

In order for us to maintain strong relationships with quality insurers, we work with each to provide the type of business they desire. The insurers with an * noted below recognize our efforts through a Contingent Commission contract. Payment of this Contingent Commission depends on a combination of growth, profitability (loss ratio), volume, retention. Contingent Commission is not guaranteed. For detailed information on please go to the individual company’s website.

Our firm is privately owned, and completely independent.  There is no direct or indirect ownership interest by any Insurance Company or financial institution, nor any loan or financial guarantee.  We confirm that there are no conflicts of interest in our relationship with you, and that our overall recommendations to you are based on our understanding and assessment of your needs.

Insurance Company Personal Auto and Umbrella Personal Property Commercial Auto and Surety Commercial Property
Aviva, Traders & Scottish and York* 10-12.5% 20% 7.5-12.5% 15-20%
Royal & Sun Alliance* 10-12.5% 20% N/A N/A
Western Assurance N/A 20% N/A N/A

If you have any questions, or if we can assist you or someone else you know, please don’t hesitate to contact us.