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  • Types of Insurance Frauds to Watch Out For

    Only a few Canadians commit insurance fraud, but its consequences affect everyone. Each year fraud costs insurers billions of dollars, which raises premium averages. Unfortunately, many of these fraudulent activities involve innocent parties, making it hard to detect. Awareness of insurance fraud and its many forms i…

  • Why All New Drivers Absolutely Need Insurance

    Why All New Drivers Absolutely Need Insurance

    On the day you pass your G2 exam, you begin adding experience to your driving history. If young and living at home, this means you’ve graduated to a secondary driver. With your own vehicle, a G2 marks the day you need an independent policy to cover you from theft and damages. Unfortunately, new drivers—especiall…

  • Did You Know Non-Payment Can Hurt Your Premium?

    Missing a payment on your insurance premium can get you into steep trouble. Even if accidental, delinquency can lead to consequences. Policy Cancellation: After weeks of non-payment, expect to receive a notice of cancellation. Such a letter gives you a period to catch up on payments before losing your policy. Pr…

Auto Insurance

  • Whether it’s your first car, a collectible* or shared family vehicle, we have affordable insurance policies available. New or used, big or small—we promise competitive, comprehensive coverage with outstanding service year after year.

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Home Insurance

  • As a homeowner or renter, you bear many responsibilities. Not just for the upkeep of your property, but also the safety and well-being of its contents.

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Lifestyle Insurance

  • To most insurers, your cottage or motor home needs to tie into an existing insurance policy. That’s not the case with us.

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Travel Insurance

  • The unexpected can enrich your vacation, but it can also ruin it. Falling ill, losing your luggage, or cancelling a trip is inconvenient and costly.

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